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You can claim up to €600 per passenger if you've had a delayed flight over the past 5 years thanks to EU261 Regulation

You can claim up to €600 per passenger if your flight has been delayed within the past 5 years thanks to EU261 Regulation.

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Delayed or cancelled flights are eligible for compensation under EU261 Regulation

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If your flight was delayed and as a result, you end up arriving at your final destination 3h late or more than the original scheduled arrival time, under EU261 Regulation you can claim 

€250 for flights up to 1,500km

€400 for flights between 1,500 - 3,500km 

€600 for flights over 3,500km 

What flights are covered? 

EU Regulation 261/2004 covers all of the EU airspace along with Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and the outermost regions - i.e. French Guiana and Martinique, Mayotte, Guadeloupe and La Reunion, Saint-Martin, Madeira and the Azores, and the Canary Islands. 

The Regulation covers all flights departing out of the European Union, regardless of whether it is an intra-EU or an international flight. Flights which are departing out of the European Union, but are EU-bound, are covered insofar as they are operated by an EU air carrier. 

What type of compensation can you claim if your flight has been delayed?

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